We are passionate about cities.

We are a pair of urbanists based in Japan. Good News for Cities are our personal, playful, irreverent interventions in cities across the world through a perspective of being an outsider.

Once in a year, we would spend one month in a city outside of Japan, where we develop a project with a local collaborator, regarding community development and citizen empowerment for reimaging of cities. We also publish a magazine after each stay, based on the research we conduct there.

Yes. One city = one project = one magazine everytime we travel.

🛩 Performative intervention through traveling
We value international collaboration and leaving contribution to a place where we travel to. We create and develop a short-term, playful yet impactul urban project (such as pop-up event, collective mapping, podcast, installation, publication) together with a local initiative.

📻 Podcast
We host a Podcast where we talk about various issues around cities, architecture and urbanism. New episode every week. Sorry, Japanese only.

📤 Newsletter
Every Thursday we also send out our newsletter, in which we share some topics, projects, trends we're interested in. This is also Japanese only.

*We have a company called for cities, but Good News for Cities are our independent, voluntary perfomative action purely out of passion. If you are interested in what we do professionally, visit this website.



Mariko is an independent editor, journalist and researcher on architecture and urbanism. She graduated 4CITIES Euromaser in Urban Studies, which brought her to 4 cities in various cities in Europe (Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid). After the graduation, she has been trying to cultivate a trajectory that completes connections between journalism and the field of architecture and urban design. She owns her own website Traveling Circus of Urbanism, and manages a cultural space Bridge To in Kyoto where she hosts an “urbanist in residence” program. She has also been organizing various workshops and educational programs and working as a curator.

Website: travelingcircusofurbanism.com



Yukako is an urban project director and specializes in participation design, experience design, space design, public art project management. She is based on Tokyo and doing a lots of urban design projects from a bottom-up approach. “Shibuya Hack Project” which aims to find alternative urban design and tried to make it happen in shibuya with neighborhood, Tokyu Co., artists and creators. “Good Survive Project” which aims to revitalize local small business with Adachi municipality. “ True Colors Academy” which is the global performing arts festival and doing diversity academy at this festival. My precious moment in the city is “帰り道= the way home”.

Website: na-tokyo.com